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My name is Lisa Callas. I am a born and raised Texan living in Beaumont. I’m a Registered Nurse by trade, but I have always loved beautiful designs and images which is why I do practice Aesthetic nursing. This flows into my love for interior design. Like nursing, at Crew Interiors, I like to find harmony and balance coexisting with functionality and efficiency. Interior design is just that-finding something beautiful you are drawn to and making it work for you and your space. Placemaking includes identifying a space and experiencing it on an emotional level. 

I started my interior career with simplifying and organizing smaller spaces including pantries, closets, and bathrooms. I have also built and designed total custom homes from the ground up. I’ve also merged nursing and interior design when I bought and opened an Infusion Center with my husband. This made it especially personal for me-to create a beautiful inviting space for my patients to feel at home, but for my staff to have a sufficient and practical work environment. 

I invite all design inquiries to my company and look forward to designing a masterpiece for each individual. 


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